Intellectual Property

Innovations in technology open up new opportunities every day. By shrewdly managing innovations and inventions, an organization can turn intangibles into priceless assets. We offer several ways to foster, manage, protect, and maintain innovations for our partners. Patent analysis, patent filing, and patent management are our key areas of expertise to secure the intellectual property of our clients.

Patent Search

Searching existing and pending patents to validate novelty of ideas is the cornerstone in the patent application process. Equipped with a solid patent search, the applicant is in a strong position to justify the distinguishing features of the invention. Moreover, it saves the patentee from unknowingly infringing on already granted or pending patents. We conduct the following forms of patent search for you:

  • Comparative study of existing products IP
  • Analysis of Patentability
  • Suggesting the Appropriate Patent Type

Patent Application Writing

After a thorough patent search, our qualified writers and lawyers take care of the writing and filing process for your patent application. Our panel of experts conducts a detailed study of prior art and non-patent literature to present a compelling case. We also have professional graphic designers in our patent writing panel who produce excellent quality drawings to support the claims of the patent application. Finally, with the help of a comprehensive checklist, we ensure that all relevant requirements are followed in the right spirit to maximize the chances of patent grant.

Patent Filing

Depending upon the nature of the invention, the patent application can be filed in either US or Global filing category. If the invention’s area of application or the impact is limited to the US only, there is no need to go for a global filing. Our lawyers have experience in both US and global patent filing. The entire application filing process is carried out electronically which is now recommended by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Patent Management

Tracking the status of patent

After the application filing, we track application status, respond to patent office inquiries, and keep all the stakeholders informed about the latest developments until the patent is granted.

Patent Maintenance

Once the patent is granted, we ensure that the patent is maintained and mandatory fees are paid on time. By vigilantly tracking all the important timelines for fee payment, a huge sum is saved in terms of fees and penalties.

Patent Infringement Guard

We offer the services of regularly analyzing the recently filed patents and also non-patent literature to ensure that your patent rights are not infringed. The timely response and legal action against the infringements ensures that you exclusively enjoy your innovation’s benefits.